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Hey folks, I am J-War, composer, guitarist and drummer of " The Way I Am " a French Alternative Metal band blending British Rock (Muse, Radiohead..), US Alternative Metal (Deftones, Korn, Flyleaf...) and Movie Sountracks music. ( For a free direct listening, go here : http://www.reverbnation.com/twiam )

 Few VERY IMPORTANT words you should be aware of before listening to this soundtrack :

- There are few artefacts (skips, pops and clics) there and there, please read " The totaly odd and unexpected story about this soundtrack " below.
- Some of you may find the sounds " cheap ", please remember it was made in 1999 and read below for further explanations.

The totaly odd and unexpected story about this soundtrack :

Around 1999 i started to work on the MSX Metal Gear 2 soundtrack. My goal was to release an accurate and ambitious arranged version of every single tunes and jingles contained in the original game. (More than 40 in total !)

I then focused on retrieving each note, each track of the original songs. All went well until my hard drive literally blowed up several weeks later.

 Yes, you guessed it right : I wasn't able to recover any data so i simply gave up. I had put so much time and effort into it and was totaly unable to star over again... So i decided to let it go and left that project behind.

Time has passed, i forgot everything about my Metal Gear 2 project... Until the last summer... (August 2012 to be exact)

After a dinner at my aunt's house, i was wandering around when i got my hands over a old CD labeled " MG2 ". Believe it or not but this CD had the latest version of every tracks of my old MG2 project before my hard drive went out of order ! It contained only audio tracks but that was better than nothing. I recorded (and lost) one or two " work in progress " Audio CDs back then, it was one of them.

The CD was in very bad shape, very dusty and full of scratches. Thanks to the almighty Exact Audio Copy, it took about 150 minutes but i successfully riped it !

You must keep in mind that in 1999, when my HDD crashed i hadn't time to polish and mix those songs. Everything was still so rough and raw. After riping the CD, i then started to master every track using some piece of software.

Again, back in 1999 some of these tunes were far from finished so even with the mastering tools available in 2012 you can not expected any miracle. Anyway, i did my best to polish the whole sountrack as much as possible and the results are variables but quite acceptable considering the huge amount of work that still had to be done back in 1999.

Along the soundtrack, there are few disturbing artefacts like skips and pops... Although i removed many, those can't be cleaned.
Considering the CD is a wreck, this is the best we can have.

Envoy and remember how unexpected it is !

RNFF Yours,


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Metal Gear 2, Arranged by J-War.

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